Friday, 18 May 2012

Let's take a relaxed opinion towards work and watch the baseball match

"The Nie Mets are my favorite squadron."

Hey, so that was kind of a sweep.  Of the evil bastard Yankees, no less.  And now the Mets are in town.  And they're supposed to suck.  Other than a few Seinfeld and Simpsons references, that's pretty well all I have for you, since I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to the National League, save for the Nats, Giancarlo Stanton and Andrew Mccutchen.

Jose Bautista gets a Zaunhead for his game last night, though again, multiple people could have qualified, namely, Yan Gomes for a 2-for-3 in his MLB debut, or JP Arencibia for being responsible for those two important runs to make it 4-1, instead of 2-1.  Drew Hutchison did a nice job as well, going 6 innings and holding a potent Yankees lineup in check.

Of course, that would have quite possibly been a 3-1 lead (or more) if Rajai Davis didn't suck at bunting, if Ben Francisco didn't suck at baserunning, and John Farrell didn't suck at not calling for bunts.

Ricky Romero pitches tonight for the Jays, and he'll go against the guy that I wanted AA to acquire this offseason, Jon Niese.  Niese, of course, signed an extension with the Mets, making it really unlikely that he gets traded within the next couple of seasons.  The Mets have been surprising so far this year, but I can't see it holding up, considering I can't honestly say that I've ever heard of half their lineup.

Fangraphs shits on Adam Lind.

Vlad Guerrero might be closer to coming back than first thought.

Roy Oswalt threw for the Red Sox and Phillies, which is kind of Blue Jays new, I guess.  They could go get Oswalt if they really wanted to, and the Red Sox getting him would mean that the Jays would have to face him (maybe).  Whatever.

Tango looks at shifts (linking to Bill James Online).

David Wright will sit out tomorrow's game, according to Terry Collins, according to according to Adam Rubin of ESPN.

Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Frank DH
Thames LF
Gomes 3B
Davis CF

Romero P

Torres CF
Turner 1B
Wright 3B
Duda DH
Murphy 2B
Hairston LF
Nieuwenhuis RF
Johnson C
Cedeno SS

Niese P

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