Sunday 6 May 2012

Old Drabek Returns

I have about 3 minutes to write, so this will be fast.

I would hazard a guess that Kyle Drabek will find himself in the minor leagues at some point this season, because he looked like shit in last night's game, and looked equally bad two starts ago.  I realize that guys go out and have mediocre starts all the time, and that it probably wasn't actually as bad as I'm making it seem due to the horrific defense that the Jays played last night, but meh.  He still doesn't hit the glove all that much, and throws way too many pitches out of the zone, and it's getting to the point where I'm not sure I really believe in him as a major league starter.  Maybe a bullpen role.

Last night's game kind of sucked, no?  Between the sketchy defense and the nobody doing much offensively and the getting picked off/caught stealing and the thick Anaheim air that stops Edwin from hitting a homerun. No wonder Albert doesn't have one yet.  Adam Lind found a nut hit a homerun off a lefty, which should get him another 6 weeks or so as the cleanup hitter despite being a terrible offensive and defensive first baseman, and Brett Lawrie doesn't quite understand the mechanics of defending against the bunt.  All in all, a pretty depressing effort by the same team who took two of three from Texas like 4 days ago.

Friday we got Henderson Alvarez kicking some ass, and Jose Bautista hitting a 2-run homer, and getting on base twice.  Combined with his RBI single last night, I guess he can have a Zaunhead, mostly since I don't feel like giving one to anyone for last night's game.  This way Alvarez gets one as well for his complete game shutout.  Don't like it?  Call and complain.

Hutch will pitch today.  It's an afternoon game that I'm probably going to have to Tivo if I feel like watching.

Gregor Chisolm had several items of news last night.  I'm just going to link to his twitter instead of getting all of the individual tweets linked in here because I have no time.

Travis Snider is about ready to come back from his wrist issue.

Dustin McGowan is doing some strength exercises on his shoulder, and is set to resume throwing on May 17.

Brett Cecil's groin issue is going to need another bullpen session or two before he gets back in to games.  He's still in AA New Hampshire.

Sergio Santos will go to Dunedin after the Oakland series to begin his rehab.

Gregor also has a post on the Jays official website about Lind and Bautista's struggles at the plate. It comes with this little gem from Adam Lind:
At the beginning of the year, I wasn't really swinging the bat the way I'm capable," said Lind, who entered play Saturday hitting .195 with one home run and seven RBIs. "I mean, I was having good at-bats, seeing pitches, being a bit passive I think, but I had a talk with the staff and they said we don't care about walks anymore, go up there and swing hard
Fantastic, we're going to get more of Adam Lind flailing away at breaking balls at his feet and fastballs around his eyes.

I always thought Jerome Williams was a lefty, but I guess not.  He'll start against the Jays today.

Johnson 2B
Thames LF
Bautista RF
Lind 1B
Encarnacion DH
Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Vizquel SS

Hutchison P

Not posted yet, don't care.

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