Monday 28 May 2012

Fan on a Ledge

If Sam Worthington's photoshopped arm looks like it's coming out of his belly button, it's because his actual right arm is at his side, and needed to be covered up.  If Elizabeth Banks looks weird in that hat, it's because I was going for a Fernando Rodney look that doesn't exactly translate to my photoshop skills (which are minimal, based on nothing more than Sam Worthington's belly button arm).  Otherwise, this was actually a halfway decent movie, in my opinion.

Anyway, the Jays have lost 5 in a row, and gave up like 34 runs in a 3-game set this past weekend.  I'm here to talk you off the ledge that is the Blue Jays season that you're about to jump off of.  It isn't that they're playing well but still losing, because they got blown out of the water in two of three, and haven't had a really good pitching performance in about two weeks now, it's just that 5 games, over the course of a season, really isn't all that much.  And it's not like Minnesota walked in to Toronto and swept us away; we lost 5 of 6 against the two best teams in the AL in their parks, and without a bullpen for half of it.

Beyond that, injuries are creeping in, and if there was someone around to take over for Eric Thames' sad excuse of himself, that probably would have happened already.  As is, though, the Las Vegas 51's can't beat the Rangers or the Rays, because most major league teams can't do so either.  There are obviously some things that need to change (the aforementioned Thames issue, Kyle Drabek can't throw strikes again, there is apparently no middle infield anymore, etc.), but every team is going to go through these stretches over the course of a 162 game season.

And let's not forget, it took 5 losses against 2 really, really good teams just to get back to .500 in a difficult division.  This team is good enough to turn back around and win 5 in a row and get right back to where they were... fuck, the White Sox have won 9 of 10 or something like that.  Good teams go on 5-loss stretches all the time, and bad teams go on 5-win stretches just as often.  This is a good team that went on a 5-loss stretch; let's give it a while before panicking.

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