Sunday, 27 May 2012

Just Got Home

Went to the beach.  Did I miss anything?  Darvish is pitching?  7-1 after 3?  Yeah, fuck this, I'm going to go drink and eat meat.

The Jays called up Jesse Chavez yesterday, which probably explains why they weren't interested in whichever Japanese team's offer to buy Chavez.  Yan Gomes has been optioned to AAA Las Vegas to take his place.

Kelly Johnson got a cortisone injection in his hamstring on Friday, and wasn't able to play today, even after a day off yesterday.

Sergio Santos' shoulder doesn't appear to be healing as well or as quickly as first thought.  He's yet to do longtoss, and definitely can't start a rehab assignment until that goes down.  That rehab assignment is probably going to be long too, since the injury happened so early in the year.  I'm kind of thinking that it might be time to cut him loose from my fantasy teams, mostly because between my 6 teams, I have 20 guys on the DL, and not nearly enough DL/bench spaces.

Is it almost time for the Jays to check in on Roy Oswalt?

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