Sunday, 20 May 2012

Please Sir, Can I Have Some Moarrow?

Dominance.  Kind of boring that the Jays only scored two runs, especially after the Mets starter, Miguel Bautista, left the game after the 2nd inning, but two was all they needed anyway.  But yeah, 3 hits and 1 walk over a complete game shutout.

Yunel Escobar had two hits for the third straight game, by the way.  Since starting the season slowly, Escobar has his OBP back above .300, and he has a .328/.377/.406 line in the month of May.  Regression!  I doubt anybody is really surprised that Yunel has brought things back together, but he certainly didn't look good to start the season.  Related, can we end the "Rajai Davis hot-hand" thing?  Guy hits two homeruns and suddenly he's swinging out of his shoes... get Rasmus back in to CF please.

Henderson Alvarez goes today against Dillon Gee.  Apparently David Wright (batting .409 on the year) is still sick, and was actually worse yesterday than he was Friday, so we might get to avoid him today, or at least avoid a healthy one.  Having said that, Dillon Gee just isn't all that good, and the Mets' kind of need a long start out of him, since the bullpen has gotten some mileage in the first two games of the series.  Gee has been shelled in each of his last two starts.

Apparently Adam Lind wasn't told that he was being placed on outright waivers.  That doesn't sound like an AA thing to do, and the Jays didn't officially announce that move either, so I suppose it's possible that it didn't happen?  Shi Davidi of Sportsnet has more here, but I suspect we'll hear more about this before too long.  I'm wondering if this was a ploy by AA to just try to sneak him through the waiver wire or something.  Either way, Lind knew he had been optioned to AAA, but that's all he was told.

Travis Snider left the game the other night with more wrist soreness, according to Wilner.

Jim Callis of Baseball America is going to be on the Fan590, talking Blue Jays at 11:20ET.  You'll proably want to tune in if you like prospects.

It's an afternoon game today, by the way.  Be ready.  This thing is also today, so get to the dome early:

Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Bautista DH
Edwin 1B
Arencibia C
Thames LF
Francisco RF
Rasmus CF
Gomes 3B

Alvarez P

taking too long.

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