Saturday, 12 May 2012

"You Suck?" That's what your mother said last night Trabek

Yeah, if Drabek Kant* get out of the 5th inning against the Minnesota god damned Twins, I'm not sure what his use is, and he's probably never going to develop in to any kind of useful pitcher until this kind of control issue is figured out anyway, so how's about we just zip him right on down to Vegas and Halladay his mechanics and curveball, huh?

I mean, you guys thought Brett Cecil looked bad [sidenote: Brett Cecil looked pretty bad, and probably worse than Drabesy, but that doesn't matter].  Drabek just looked like a complete abortion out there last night, and I'd give him some kind of pass if he had actually looked good in any of his other starts over the last month, but the fact that he just misses the zone with every other pitch just lets opposing batters kind of stand there and take a couple pitches until all of a sudden, the second inning is over and Drabek's thrown 64 pitches or whatever it was.

Like I've said before, the last couple years, this kind of thing could happen-- let people learn what they need to learn in the bigs, let old relievers get their type-B status, give Adam Lind 600 shitty AB's to see if he can do something with the 50 good ones, etc.  This year, I don't think we can really justify not losing our minds when Drabek is going wild, or when Lind is as bad or worse than he's ever been while batting in the 4-hole. Other AL East teams aren't going to keep losing their starting CF, or allowing the Orioles to sweep them forever, so we've got to take advantage while the getting is good.

Drabek to AAA to either straighten out, or to become a reliever, please.  Villanueva can start, so can Carreno.  There are other youngsters down there, and Matt Garza is probably available.  Make it happen.


*: My neighbor stopped by this morning (fucking early too, btw) to ask if the wifi network at my apartment is called "Cunt Salad".  "Yes," I told him, proudly, with a smile on my face.  "Well, my 8-year old daughter was on her iPhone this morning looking for internet, and asked me what cunt is.  Please change that." My network is now called "Kant Salad".

Jose hit two taters last night, so he's absolutely 100% good as new again, and will be an offensive force for the rest of the season.  Know how I know?  I have the internet.  He gets last night's Zaunhead.

John Axford blew a save last night, his first in like 50 attempts or something.  He trolled the media real nice too.

Apparently the Jays' whole bullpen is "battered and broken".  I figured that they meant that Coco sucks and Santos is hurt, but I guess the whole damn thing sucks!  What's worse is that this is the last word on sports, so you're not allowed to call them retarded for being retarded and using arbitrary endpoints over a 26 games sample size!

It's not posted yet, and I'm going to go drink a bunch of beer, so I'm guessing.

Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Bautista RF
Edwin DH
Thames LF
Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Lind 1B
Mathis C

Hutch P

Span CF
Dozier SS
Mauer C
Willingham LF
Doumit DH
Plouffe 3B
Parmelee 1B
Mastroianni RF
Carroll 2B

Walters P


  1. Funny how you rip another site using a 26 game sample size to discuss the bullpen, in the same post you complain about Drabek using what a 4 game sample size? Hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. Last season also happened.

    1. You could say the same about the bullpen last season, as you can say about Drabek, n'est pas?

  3. In what sense?

    My point about Drabek is that he throws every other pitch down and away to righties, to the point where it's pretty easy to just stand there and not swing for the first 4 pitches of an AB and either get a walk or hitter's count. It hasn't just been 4 starts; he's been ineffectively wild for most of his professional (i.e. minors and majors) career.

    1. And you could say that for the last two years, the Jays problems closing out games in the late innings have been a major reason why this team isn't winning a lot more games. Seems to me that would fit the definition of a broken bullpen.