Monday 28 May 2012

Kill. Destroy.

Doing something different today.  Stuff first, actual post later.  Desert, then the meal.  Sex, then the foreplay. Roll, then the rock.

Sergio Santos threw from 120 feet today, and he'll throw from a mound either Wednesday or Thursday, says Shi Davidi.

Kelly Johnson is apparently good to go, as he's in the lineup, but Yunel Escobar won't play, and is apparently day-to-day, according to the little yellow thing on my fantasy baseball rosters.  I'm wondering if Johnson is sucking this one up for a game or two with Yunel out of the lineup and nobody else to take over. I'd be shocked if he was at 100%

Also from Shi Davidi, the Jays have recalled Aaron Laffey to be a longman out of the bullpen, just in case.  I'm not sure who is available and who isn't tonight, but the Jays bullpen really got used quite a bit this past weekend to the point where some guys are definitely needing multiple days off.  As a result, Chad Beck was sent back down to Vegas, without even appearing in a game.

Fangraphs looks at Miguel Montero's extension.

Motivational Speech
Alright, you ragtag bunch of misfits.  You're opening up a 3-game set at home, against the apparently first-place Baltimore Orioles, the worst team in the division, no matter what their record says about them.  It's time to get your spray paint cans out and jetpack yourself above the fold, back to where you belong.  It's not funny anymore; it's time to fucking do this.

And you, Ricky.  I've got a bone to pick, good sir.  You're the ace.  You're the slumpbuster. This is your team, and you're the guy that goes out there when the team needs it and throws an 8-inning 3 hit shutout.  You're the guy that goes out there and fucks a fat chick to break that dryspell, and you're the guy that leads march back in to Shelbyville to get that fucking lemon tree and brings it back home to where it belongs.  Fuck those turnip-juice drinking cousin-marriers.

Let's. Fucking. Do this.

Johnson 2B
Rasmus CF
Bautista RF
Edwin DH
Thames LF
Lawrie 3B
Cooper 1B
Mathis C
Vizquel SS

Romero P

Avery LF
Hardy SS
Markakis RF
Jones CF
Weiters C
Betemit 3B
Davis 1B
Reynolds DH
Andino 2B

Hunter P

Update: Hey so that's fucking embarrassing.  Romero isn't actually pitching tonight, as I'm sure anybody who has already read this has figured out by now.  I mean, I'm going to leave it, because who gives a fuck, and I can just use it tomorrow too I guess, so uh... yeah.  Go Hutchypoo.

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